Larusée Verte absinthe Terrine

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Let’s be clear, the Alcala Brothers are simply exceptional.

They perpetuate in Vaumarcus, on the Vaud border of the canton of Neuchâtel, the tradition transmitted by their father who came from Spain in the 1960s, by developing a range of excellent products. Passionate about gastronomy and enriched by their many travels, the two brothers share various favorite products discovered during their encounters.

Here they deliver a very delicate Larusée Verte absinthe terrine. The recipe was developed by the Chef, as starred as Valais, Damien Germanier. A delicacy for Sunday brunch, or more simply as an aperitif accompanied by a good bread from the baker.


The Alcala Brothers in their maturation cellar, in Vaumarcus.

Net weight: 180 grams

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