Le Falernum d’Absinthe

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Falernum is a sweet liqueur whose first recipes date back to the 18th century. Originally from Barbados, Falernum is traditionally made with white rum, replaced here with absinthe Larusée Bleue. It reveals sweet and spicy flavors of grilled almond, lime, ginger and spices.
Absinthe Larusée Falernum is to be enjoyed on a bed of ice or cocktail.


Content : 50 cl
Volume : 16.5% vol.

Mai Tai recipe
5cl brown rum from Barbados (to respect the origins!)
2cl Cointreau
2cl of Larusée Absinthe Falernum
The juice of a lime
1 sprig of mint
Pour the ingredients into a shaker, shake and serve in a glass 3/4 full with ice. Garnish with the sprig of mint.

The award won by Le Falernum

Médaille d'Or concours international de lyon

Concours International de Lyon 2020

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