A Family

From time to time, Nicolas Nyfeler would take work over to Jean-Pierre Candaux’s screen printing workshop in Fenin. The two men struck up a friendship, and Nicolas met Aurélie, the oldest of the Candaux’s daughters – who he finally married.

Jean-Pierre told Nicolas the story of Léon Duvanel, his wife Danièle’s grandfather. Originally from Val-de-Travers, Léon had always dreamed of distilling absinthe, but since his wife was downright against such an enterprise,

he abandoned his dream, storing his recipe books and research papers in an old trunk in the loft. Léon had since passed on, but before he died he had talked to Jean-Pierre about his passion for absinthe with such enthusiasm that the latter picked up his desire to make it.

Keen to rehabilitate the image of absinthe, Nicolas invited Jean-Pierre to join forces with him in order to make this dream come true – and so it was that Larusée was established in 2012. And that’s just the beginning…

Jean-Pierre Candaux

Danièle Candaux

Aurélie Candaux

Nicolas Nyfeler