The Swiss Pastis of Larusée, gold medal at the French Academy of Wines and Gastronomy.


Absinth Edelweiss Blanche de Léon

Absinthe Blanche de Léon

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The real Green Fairy

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The swiss Pastis

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Gentian-Cocoa Gin

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Le Falernum Larusée

The pirate's liquor

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Our pastis was the subject of a report on May 22 in the program Les Saisons de Pique-Assiette, hosted by Annick Jeanmairet. 

A report to watch in replay, the opportunity to also discover the recipe for The real ratatouille niçoise by Jérôme Manifacier, the Chef of the Restaurant du Quai in Hermance (GE).

Absinthe Vieille Les Précieuses Mogador, awarded among the best Swiss spirits!

Vinum magazine unveiled the results of the Swiss Spirits Award 2020, the third edition of a competition organized jointly with Spirit Suisse, the Haute Ecole de Viticulture et Œnologie de Changins and the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Our Absinthe Vieille Les Précieuses Mogador won a Gold award and first place in its category!

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Pastis from Switzerland

Awarded Gold in Paris!

Our Swiss pastis stands out on the land of its origins.

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Larusée distinguished by GaultMillau

Green Fairy

Fragile and powerful

When you open a precious bottle from the Larusée distillery, you’re immersed in a world of complex aromas unlike any other absinthe you’ll ever encounter.
You’ll discover a subtle world in which absinthium, green anise and fennel mingle, enhanced by a perfectly balanced bouquet of herbs and spices. 

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An ode to the Neuchâtel region

Gold medalist at the Lyon International Competition, our Gin tells the story of our land. It is enhanced with a touch of gentian – whose roots the Neuchâtel mountain dwellers still tear off with the strength of their arms – and cocoa bean, to remind the history of Philippe Suchard and the beginnings of the industrialization of chocolate in Neuchâtel.

Gold medal

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Favorite of Sommeliers

Awarded “Favourite” at Somm360 (Canada) by 22 among the best sommeliers in the world!

Absinthe Larusée Bleue 70cl

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Pirate liquor

Gold medalist at the Lyon International Competition, our absinthe Falernum is a sweet liqueur that reveals subtle notes of lime, ginger, cinnamon, roasted almonds and other tropical spices.

Gold medal

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