An absinthe produced in state of the art

When you open a precious bottle from the Larusée distillery, you’re immersed in a world of complex aromas unlike any other absinthe you’ll ever encounter.

You’ll discover a subtle world in which absinthium, green anise and fennel mingle, enhanced by a perfectly balanced bouquet of herbs and spices.

Crafted in Switzerland in the canton of Neuchâtel, the historic cradle of absinthe, Larusée is distilled using wholly traditional, artisanal methods, following a jealously guarded nineteenth-century recipe that has been gradually improved over time. Larusée’s makers have sought to offer a refined, elegant take on this historic beverage, in which the human touch is very much part of every stage of the manufacturing process. With such carefully-controlled, limited production, along with the knowhow supplied by a dedicated family, we’re sure of providing you with one of the best absinthes available.

Remplissage d'une bouteille d'absinthe Larusée
Cirage du col d'une bouteille d'absinthe Larusée

We attach great importance to the fact that the human hand must be in contact with the bottle at each stage of its production.

— Nicolas Nyfeler

100% craftsmanship

Here at Larusée, we have chosen artisanal solutions every step of the way – and we’re not about to change that! First of all, we carefully select the dozen or so herbs and aromatic plants that make up our different blends of absinthe. We pride ourselves on providing the human touch at every stage of each bottle’s journey through production – all the better to pass on our love of a job well done and make each bottle a work of art
in its own right.

The herbs are weighed to the nearest gramme before being placed in 120-liter “chauffe” chambers in the still we designed. Bottling is done individually; corking is carried out on a unique machine developed in partnership with a local mechanic; labels are added one by one using a Nantaise manual labelling machine; and wax sealing of the neck is completed in an old saucepan! This human-sized production is guaranteed to produce exceptional results.