Mulled Wine 2022

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Because we are grown-up children and still believe in the magic of Christmas, we have made it our business to prepare a Mulled Wine for you, the Larusée way! So, we approached our friends at La Grillette à Cressier and worked on a 2020 Pinot Noir with various citrus fruits and spices. The result is a delight!

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Content : 70 cl of Mulled Wine, 2cl of absinthe Larusée Blanche de Léon
ABV : NS. 10% vol.


To prepare your Mulled Wine, simply heat it in a saucepan, remove it from the heat just before boiling and add 2cl of Larusée Blanche de Léon absinthe.

And if you want to surprise everyone, pour it into beautiful glasses, cover with a little unsweetened whipped cream and sprinkle with Timut pepper.

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