Absinthe Blanche de Léon

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Blanche de Léon, 55% proof absinthe, is Larusée’s way of paying a glowing tribute to the man without whom none of this would have happened. This new absinthe, containing organic, Swiss grown edelweiss, is wholly characteristic of Larusée, redolent with sophistication, complexity and delicacy.

The edelweiss gives this absinthe an extra floral note, as well as a more velvety feel, immediately balanced by a slightly sharper taste. Aromas of hay and gingerbread can also be detected. Blanche de Léon is very much a characterful absinthe.

With a golden label and wax seal, supplied in an elegant brushed aluminium presentation case, Blanc de Léon is our “winter absinthe”, produced in only limited quantities between October and December.


Content : 700 ml
Abv : 55%

Suggestion: Enjoy as an aperitif (1 measure of absinthe to 2-3 measures of very cold water) or as a digestif, neat.

Blanche de Léon award
Concours DistiSuisse Médaille d'argent 2017-2018

DistiSuisse 2017/2018

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 21 cm