Tom’s Tonic Water 6x 20cl

CHF 18.00

“Tom’s Tonic” is not colorless, but red. Where does this color come from? The quinine, which gives the tonic its typical bitter note, is decisive for the taste. For our tonic, we extract the quinine directly from the bark of the cinchona tree using a traditional method. In addition to the bitter substances, colored pigments are also dissolved, which give the tonic its reddish color.

Lemongrass, ginger, pepper, lemon juice, citric acid, aronia berries – and sugar are added. With just 5.9 grams of sugar per 100 ml, Tom’s Tonic Water pairs well with aromatic gins.


Content : 6x 20 cl

Handcrafted by nature is Tom’s mojo. It means that they use natural ingredients for their drinks as much as possible, that they take care of the highest quality in the production process and that they emphasize the taste of nature in their products.

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