Blanche de Léon, the roots of Larusée

Larusée invents the first absinthe with Edelweiss: Blanche de Léon

A creation by Larusée combines two emblems of Swiss heritage: absinthe and Edelweiss!

A new creation

Larusée offers a new absinthe recipe containing organic Edelweiss cultivated in Switzerland: Blanche de Léon! This absinthe is in the production line of Larusée, all in finesse, complexity and delicacy. The edelweiss brings an even more floral note to the original recipe as well as a certain smoothness, immediately counterbalanced by a slight spiciness. Blanche de Léon is a veritable absinthe of character.

Golden label and waxed collar, delivered in an elegant brushed aluminum case, Blanche de Léon is only produced during the cold season.

Absinth Edelweiss Blanche de Léon

A family story

The name “Blanche de Léon” is no coincidence. It contributes a little more to the family character of the Larusée distillery. Léon Duvanel is none other than the grandfather our Master-distiller Jean-Pierre Candaux’s wife.

Originally from Val-de-Travers, with a recipe obtained from who knows where and with the knowledge to do so, Léon has always dreamed of distilling absinthe. But as his wife fiercely opposed it, he gave up on his dream … So he put away his recipe and research notebooks in an old attic trunk. Leon is no more but during his lifetime he knew how to speak to Jean-Pierre of his passion for absinthe so well that he communicated his desire to make it… Blanche de Léon is for Larusée a tribute to the one without whom nothing would have happened.

“Blanche de Léon” is only produced in limited quantities.

But what is an edelweiss?

In Switzerland, it is difficult to cross the country without seeing an edelweiss! In painting, in the name of a hotel, magazine or airline, the image of the edelweiss is omnipresent. Protected in Switzerland since 1879, it is a true national symbol!

But why use edelweiss in an absinthe? And what taste can it bring? The organic edelweiss plant, cultivated in Switzerland, brings to our absinthe “Blanche de Léon” a note of hay and chestnut. “Blanche de Léon” could be seen as a winter absinthe, with warmer notes, while Larusée Bleue would be a summer absinthe, with more refreshing notes.

image d'edelweiss