And the best Pastis in France is … from Switzerland!

And twice more than one!

Our distillery is particularly proud to announce that its Pastis Larusée has just won two incredible gold medals at the PALMARÈS NATIONAL DE L’AVGF (Academy of Wines and French Gastronomy), a competition approved by the French Goverement, held in the prestigious setting of the Hotel School of Paris on April 16 and at Paris International Trophy !

For Jean-Pierre Candaux and Nicolas Nyfeler, the owners of the distillery, these medals – which is more in the country of Pastis! – are a huge surprise. “We have developed our vision of Pastis by play! Because its origins are somewhere a little from our place … It is indeed the ban on absinthe that we owe the creation! To know that one of the best Pastis is ours … It is an immense emotion. </ Em>

The Academy of Wines and French Gastronomy is an Institution composed of a prestigious panel of Academicians (Star Chiefs, Best Sommeliers of the world, Best Workers of France …). It is sponsored by the multi-star chef of the Grand Véfour , Guy Martin.

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