Raspberry-Absinthe Larusée Bleue Jam

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His art, he exercises in pots. Gourmet, unctuous, fruity … fabulous jars of jam. Like a painter, he works in pure colors, but brilliantly assembles his gouaches to obtain original products: a combination of apple, yuzu juice and black sesame, a combination of strawberry, raspberry, Saumur Champigny and blackcurrant pepper, or this nice mix mango and passion fruit. Using the best of fruits and spices, this Master Confiturier of France leaves nothing to chance. That’s why he concocts his potions in French copper cauldrons.

Stéphan Perrotte, world champion of jam 2015, concoct here for Larusée a sublime creation associating the raspberry and the Larusée Blue absinthe . In very limited edition!


Stéphan Perrotte, Best Confiturier in France and World Champion 2015

Net weight: 220 grams

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