Absinthe Larusée Verte

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“The nose features herbal aromas of hyssop, small absinthe, and lemon balm mint. A very discreet, green anise. A dry, bracing nose.
A strong plant taste in the mouth: invigorating, mountain fresh, and perfumed.
The powerful absinthe plant quickly becomes established in the mouth, before developing delightful, enduring floral notes. This absinthe is refreshing, dry and elegant”
– description taken from the tasting notes written by Luc-Santiago Rodriguez, owner of Vert d’Absinthe, the first store wholly devoted to absinthe in France.

The real Green Fairy, produced according to an ancestral method

Larusée Verte is the result of the same distilling process as Larusée Bleue. The difference is that immediately after distillation, a bouquet of plants is left to soak in it. This provides strong herbal notes and the sublime, one
hundred percent natural green hue.


Content : 700 ml
Volume. : 65% ABV

Suggestion Enjoy as an aperitif (1 measure of absinthe to 3-4 measures of very cold water) or as a digestif (1 measure of absinthe to 1 measure of very cold water)

Spirits Selection tasting note

Appearance: Straw-yellow appearance with a greenish tinge.

Nose: Herbal citrus note with a restrained anise, wormwood character yet everything seems very well-integrated.

Palate: Multi-layered, complex flavors of anise and chamomile with great flavor integration. High alcohol adds a hint of sweetness overall. Pepper, anise and very good balance.

Overall: Long finish with fine sweetness, punch in the middle yet crisp with lovely anise and a warm aftertaste. Complex and layered style with a lot to discover. Very well-made with great balance despite the high alcohol.

British edition
March 2020

Couvertue GQ
GQ Larusée article

Larusée Verte awards

Médaille d'or Concours International de Lyon 2021 Plaque

Concours International de Lyon




Spirits Selection by le Concours Mondial de Bruxelles


Larusée Verte médaille d'argent


London Spirits Competition


San Francisco World Spirit Competition Gold Award


San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2018


Absinthe of the Year

Silver Outstanding

89/100 IWSC 2016


Absinthe of the Year


CWSA 2014

Hong Kong

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