Larusée’s absinthes and Pastis are in Singapore

“Little Switzerland of Asia” seduced by Larusée

Singapore is a city, an island, a state fueled by the passion and pride of its nearly 6 million inhabitants. On every street corner, incredible experiences are offered, cooked, painted, designed, cultivated or built by residents who share a common trait: passion. Like them, you can do what you love in this city of unlimited possibilities, whether you are a gourmet, an explorer, a collector or a culture lover.

In just over 50 years, Singapore has grown from a colony to a city-state – one world financial center! – with its own identity. Singapore is fueled by the desire to always be at the forefront of modernity, without denying its roots. Thus, it is with this spirit that is imbued with architectural marvels, lush parks and world-class attractions. Its restored old quarters are home to artist workshops and many small gourmet restaurants.

Singapore, almost the size of New York, is known as a “city in a garden”. And for good reason: almost a third of the island is draped in green, nature reserves and idyllic tropical forests.

A few months after our arrival in Hong Kong, Pilatus Wine & Spirits chose to import and distribute us in Singapore. Pilatus distributes our absinthes and our Pastis to stores and restaurateurs. But, they also offer our products to individuals through an online store with delivery service. In a market lacking in quality absinthes, Pilatus offers Larusée Bleue 55% and Larusée Verte 65%, Larusée Blanche de Léon 55% and Le Pastis Larusée.

The address of the Pilatus Wine and Spirits store:

183 Jalan Pelikat
#01-09 Promenade@Pelikat
Singapore 537643

Open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM

Customer service: