Pastis Experience Box

CHF 89.90

Two elegant screen-printed glasses, a Pastis Larusée watering can and… a bottle of Pastis Larusée. The complete set to experience your Pastis Larusée in the best possible way.

Important:  the Pastis “perfect serve”

Allow your Pastis to unfold its bouquet of fragrances:

  1. Pour 3cl of Pastis in your glass
  2. Top it up with water to your liking from the Pastis water jug, which has been filled with water and ice cubes
  3. At this point only, add ice cubes to your glass.


  • Bottle content: 70 cl
  • Watering can content : 30 cl
  • Glasses content : 26 cl


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Weight 2.00 kg