Absinthe Larusée Bleue “de Voyage”

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Bleue de Voyage!

Larusée Bleue, 55% proof absinthe is at once seductive, enchanting and refreshing.
Connoisseurs describe it as sophisticated, complex and round in the mouth.
The discreet anise flavours are a fitting match for the aromas of absinthium and small absinthe.

Bleue de voyage: with its 100ml, you can carry it in the cabin!

Larusée Bleue is derived from an ancestral recipe, distilled using the methods of yesteryear – a far cry from industrial generics!

The herbs used are painstakingly selected to produce the very best aromas. Our Master Distiller brings to bear all his expertise to honour the legacy of our forebears – and breathe a little of the thrill of prohibition into each glass. To achieve this, each bottle
is prepared by hand, from bottling to labelling, including corking and wax sealing of the neck.

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Content : 100 ml
Abv : 55%

Suggestion: Enjoy as an aperitif (1 measure of absinthe to 2-3 measures of very cold water) or as a digestif, neat.

Larusée Bleue awards



Spirits Selection by le Concours Mondial de Bruxelles



Somm360 2019

Montréal – Canada

Médaille d'Or San Francisco  Spirit Competition 2016


San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2016



Absinthe Masters 2014

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