Swiss Tonic cocktail box

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The tour of Switzerland in a glass

Herbally refreshing with a bubbly, citrusy finish: Swiss Tonic features absinthe from the Jura region, gin from Ticino and tonic from Zurich, each with its own alpine taste.

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Four iconic cocktails from Switzerland in a box

Experience Switzerland’s culinary craftsmanship in an amazing cocktail.

Pour 1cl de Gin Bisbino organic, 1cl Absinthe Larusée Bleue and 10cl de Gents Tonic Water over lots of ice in a large glass and let the magic happen!

This packaging features:

  • 5cl Gin Bisbino Bio
  • 5cl Absinthe Larusée Bleue
  • 2x 20cl Gents Tonic Water

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