In two words

The history of absinthe is as obscure as the legendary havoc it wrought! Indeed, it’s hard to tell whether its father (or mother) was a Swiss quack, Madame Henriod, or Frenchman Pierre Ordinaire, some time around the end of the sixteenth century. Curioser and curioser, the ancient Egyptians were already drinking it some six hundred years before Christ!

From 1850 onwards, it was enjoyed by the Parisian bourgeoisie, its praises sung by the likes of Zola, Degas or Manet, and gradually extended its reach so that by 1900 it was the most widely drunk aperitif in France, with some 90% of market share.

Accused of causing extreme alcohol intoxication, and targeted by various temperance leagues, absinthe disappeared following prohibition – in 1910 in Switzerland, and in 1915 in France. It could no longer be produced or drunk. Prohibition was lifted in Switzerland in 2005, and absinthe can now be legally distilled and enjoyed again.

How to serve absinthe

There are several ways to taste an absinthe ... Rather than distinguish the purists from the boeotians, we will divide the preparation of an absinthe into two main categories:

You have time

Perfect! The watch does not count and you are not running to know if everything will be ready in time! You will then be able to release your new absinthe fountain.

On your table, you fill the tank of your fountain with water and, above all, with ice cubes! In your glass (we recommend nevertheless glasses "tulips" which concentrate the aromas), after pouring 2 or 4cl of absinthe white or green, you will let drip your fountain in the glasses. You will thus have all the leisure to observe your absinthe to disturb by creating scrolls green or bluish.

There, while every second is a drop in your glass ... you will taste your absinthe with the same patience, studying those aromas that change as the beverage warms up.

Your absinthe right now!

Take your "tulip" glass, serve 2 or 4cl of absinthe! Take a carafe and fill it with water and ice cubes. Pour gently the water so refreshed in the glass respecting the proportion "2 to 3 volumes of water for 1 volume of absinthe". Here we are, your absinthe is ready to be tasted!

How to serve a Larusée?

We propose you "The Little Treatise of the Perfect Service of a Larusée Absinthe"

Misconceptions about absinthe

Vert d'Absinthe in Paris, the first boutique in France specializing in absinthe, has published this poster that has twisted the neck of a lot of ideas.53926_10151101067926196_1457985811_o

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