Le Pastis Larusée 75cl 45% vol.

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Le Pastis Larusée, the first handcrafted pastis produced in Switzerland, Fenin, Neuchâtel. 75cl bottles, exceptional flavor, 45% vol.


After the Mother (absinthe) … The Son (Pastis)!

A Swiss Pastis … From Neuchâtel? What a funny idea ! Yet the story of the “petit jaune” is closely linked to absinthe, since it’s due to the prohibition of absinthe that must be the creation of this wonderful aniseed drink, a symbol of sunny appetizers. And what other country that France can claim the invention of absinthe? Switzerland, of course!

Larusée is proud to announce the direct lineage of its premium absinthes, interpreting Pastis in its own way. Developed in the canton of Neuchâtel, the historic cradle of his mother Absinthe, Pastis Larusée is distilled and macerated 100% handcrafted. A 45% vol. beverage with a rare elegance, it offers a slightly lemony freshness that will delight the most demanding. If Pastis is rather known for developing a unique flavor, this little wonder that we offer demonstrates that this legendary aniseed may also reserve surprises! It is an explosion of flavors carefully measured, full of finesse, with fragrances of plants you could almost distinguish each.

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