Absinthe Larusée Verte 700ml 65% vol.

CHF 89

Characterized by its power, Larusée Verte is an absinthe which will delight the connoisseurs. The maceration, which confers it this beautiful green color, enriches the pallet of aromas of flavors and bitterness.


Absinthe of the year IWSC 2016

Stemming from an ancestral recipe but worked again to be models of delicacy and subtlety, distilled according to the methods of former days, the absinthes of Larusée are made in a totally craft way by a passionate family, far from the industrial standards! The herbs which compose it are carefully chosen to offer the best aromas. Every bottle is manually prepared, from the bottling to the laying of the label, including waxing the bottle neck, making so many unique pieces. Larusée is, in the country of the most famous watches, a real manufacture of absinthe.

  • Gold medal at CWSA (China Wine and Spirit Competition) Best Value 2014
  • “Absinthe of the Year” at International Wine and Spirit Competition 2016

Luc-Santiago Rodriguez tasting note

NOSE: herbaceous aromas of hyssop, wormwood, lemony balm. A very discreet green anise. A dry medicinal nose. Amusing reading plants used in coloring so clearly.
MOUTH: a very vegetable, fresh mouth, a mountain dweller and perfumed. The plant of very powerful wormwood settles down fast in mouth to develop pleasant floral notes which continue for a long time. It is a thirst-quenching, dry and elegant absinthe. FINALE: the wormwood chairs over the tasting and develops at any end of mouth some notes of hazelnut. Luc-Santiago Rodriguez was the owner of Vert d’Absinthe in Paris, first shop completely dedicated to the absinthe.

Volume: 700ml (USA 750ml)
Content in alcohol: 65 %

Weight 1.40 kg